Virtual Races by timingsense

Virtual Races by timingsense

Virtual Races

They have come to stay. That is our purpose.

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Here are two reasons why you should already be using Virtual Races by timingsense:

The first reason is the timing software. It's your chance to learn, train and improve with Copérnico. Copérnico will allow you easily time several races at the same time: virtual, classic or hybrid. Differentiate yourself from the competition and increase your profits.

To discover the second reason you should read on...

Be different from your competitors

Open and/or pre-designed routes.

Offer classic and virtual races with open and pre-designed routes. All in the same app using Copérnico. Your participants could:

  • Participate all under the same conditions on a pre-designed route.
  • Participate worldwide with an open route.
  • Finish a virtual race to run the classic one later on.
  • Compete in any type of classification.
  • Accumulate kms and compete in this category.

What options are available?

Race app

An app for your race highly customised to the event’s look and feel. Add sponsors, modify primary colours, create custom buttons to give relevant information… Engage in a direct interaction with the participants and the public.

Timer App

A cheaper option.You can offer the same customisation look and feel for each event by grouping all your races together in one app with your brand.

Cronochip App

The most affordable option. Use our app for your races with full service and the same level of personalisation.

Is it still necessary to run with a mobile?

No, Virtual Races connects to Strava.

Mode 1: Participate with a mobile and the app:

  • Cheapest for you.
  • Instant rankings.

Mode 2: Participate with Strava:

  • Participate by connecting a device to Strava.
  • Connect their Strava account with the race when registering.

Engage with your runners by offering an experience they won't forget.

Use audio as a way to connect with your participants.

Use them before or during the race:

  • It can be sponsor spots, kms counting, music and animation…
  • Launch the audios whenever you want. For example, an audio for each km.
  • Hire a speaker to animate your race, he can follow the results in real time thanks to Copérnico and your participants can listen to it live.

Trust the Copernico guarantee

Take advantage of Copernico’s potential and reliability in your virtual and hybrid races: issue resolution, rules, dashboards, public APIs, multi-user… and much more. Brands such as Carrera de la Mujer or Movistar already trust us.

Desarrollamos tecnología para tus carreras

Ahora que ya tenemos el mejor sistema de cronometraje, hemos abierto las puertas a las carreras virtuales. Marcas como Carrera de la Mujer o Movistar ya confían en nosotros. Empieza a usar la tecnología de las grandes carreras.

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